Glynde Place: the long view

Posted by carlotta on Thursday June 20th, 2013 at 7:27am

Glynde Place is blessed with the longest corridors I have ever seen. The house is built as four sides around a large interior courtyard. Three of these sides are made up of long hallways on the upper floor that wrap around the interior of the house, lined with windows overlooking the courtyard on one side and punctuated with doors leading to rooms along the other. This makes for some interesting vistas. As the hallways underwent their transformation from run down to stripped down to smoothed out and elegant again, I was continually drawn to photograph them. It is unusual to get that sense of space in a house, accentuated by the pattern of light and shadow from the windows. There were other vistas, also, in the attic rooms and the cellars, which I could not resist either.



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