photo of the week: Southover Grange exhibit

Posted by carlotta on Friday March 3rd, 2017 at 8:33am

Photo of the week: This is one of a selection of my Southover Grange photographs currently on display at Pelham House. I have been documenting the Tudor manor in the centre of Lewes over the past nine months as it undergoes renovations. The owners, East Sussex County Council, use these photographs to promote their work on the building. For years this was the registry office and the site of many local celebrations. After the current refurbishment it will re-open as a wedding venue once again.

The house was built in the 1570s using stones taken from the ruins of the nearby Lewes Priory, destroyed under Cromwell 35 years earlier (see my blog post here). When I took this photo the plaster had been temporarily stripped away to reveal large pieces of Priory limestone, and even sections of circular columns.

A few weeks after this shot was taken, the wall was covered over with plaster and paint, hiding once again the building blocks of the house. This is why I like my job. These glimpses of a building’s past are often fleeting. I feel lucky to catch them when I can. All photographs from this project can be found here.

photo from my Southover Grange exhibit in Lewes showing limestone blocks taken from the nearby Lewes Priory ruins in the 1570s.

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