saying goodbye to Glynde Place

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at 10:00pm

I have spent the past few days editing my photographs of the renovation of Glynde Place, a project I have been working on for the past 18 months. After 45 separate shoots, I had well over 2000 photos. I’ve edited them down to a final selection of 422 to be given to my boss, the owner of the house. I found myself reminiscing¬†about the project as I went through all those photos. In December, as the job was drawing to a close, I had felt twinges of regret at having to let it go. The house was shaping up, the rooms clean and painted, the owners to be moving in soon. Now the family are happily installed and the house has entered the latest phase in it’s 450 year history. I am ready to let go and say good bye. It was a wonderful project but it is time to move on. I was aiming to post my favourite Glynde photos here but I didn’t know where to start, so here are just a few from different periods of the renovation. The rest can be found here.

Glynde-11.7.6-25Glynde-11.12.12-4 Glynde-12.02.02-20 Glynde-12.10.19-17 Glynde-12.02.09-51 Glynde-12.04.26-334 Glynde-12.09.13-52


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