climbing around on the scaffolding at Glynde Place

Posted by carlotta on Saturday March 17th, 2012 at 10:53am

My most recent visit to Glynde got me thinking about how you can get used to things. I was happily climbing the scaffolding that lines the entire inner courtyard of the house up to the roof level, looking at the new windows and the rotten timber that is being replaced by an RSJ and a huge new oak beam. Until I had to climb this scaffolding on a regular basis, my vertigo made it a very uncomfortable experience. Now, however, my weekly visits mean that I have no problem with it. I still would not be able to get on top of the metal sheeting that protects the top of the roof – too slippery and way too high – nor look down that deep well. But the old familiar scaffolding is fine by me. As I wandered around it this morning, I heard one of the builders belting out ‘a coat of many colours’ through the open windows.


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