Glynde Place: the craftsmen

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday June 19th, 2013 at 7:31am

Early on in this project, I pondered how to include the large numbers of builders and craftsmen working at Glynde Place since they were obviously such an integral part of the process. If my intention was to create a complete documentation of the restoration, I needed to portray the workers as well as the building. My aim was to photograph these men in the midst of their work but I was shooting at very slow shutter speeds because the available light was usually quite low. This meant that it was hard to avoid any movements from appearing blurred. It was also a challenge to stay out of the way of heavy machinery and materials, especially as I was less agile while my camera was mounted on a tripod.

Over the many months I got to know some of the builders quite well and many of them took a keen interest in what I was doing. I received patience and courtesy from everyone who worked on the site, as well as a lot of useful knowledge and information. My objective in this group of photographs was to show the respect I had for the skill and diligence of these craftsmen.


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