Glynde Place: the transformation

Posted by carlotta on Friday June 21st, 2013 at 7:26am

This is the one I have been most excited about, of these 5 blog posts about Glynde Place. These photos are all of one room as it underwent renovation, start to finish. I did not set out to document this room specifically but realised that I had photos of each stage it went through: interior walls coming down, stairs taken out, ceilings coming down and going up again, a doorway blocked off. In an early photo, the floor is filled with straw that had been packed into the ceiling centuries ago as insulation. And in one, you can see the bottom of the doors and walls of the floor above. The stone floor tiles were taken up to reveal just bare earth below, which had to be dug out to accommodate the plumbing. Traditional lime plaster was used over the large blocks of chalk that make up the walls. In the final photos, the stone tiles have been replaced, the space has been opened up, the walls are smooth and repaired and a vibrant orange wall lights up one side of the room.


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