some discovered history at Glynde Place

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday May 16th, 2012 at 9:13am

I had walked by this joist dozens of times before I noticed the names carved into it. This is one part of the endless attic rooms at Glynde, that are now almost completely insulated. The builders I spoke to who were tasked with the insulating job (it has taken weeks to complete) were very pleased to be working with a material called Steico flex, which is made out of wood chippings instead of the dreaded fiberglass of usual insulation. There are two beams with a selection of names carved and written into the old wood. The dates range from the earliest that I spotted, 1882, to 2011. One dating from 1614 is probably a fake, since this part of the house is the more recent (mid-18th century). I am assuming that these were names of people who have worked on or in the house, though I may be wrong. Perhaps they were visitors, or inhabitants. A builder who was busy insulating when I found this, was very interested. He told me he had been thinking how he was just one of a long line of people who had worked in this old, huge house.


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