finishing touches at Glynde Place

Posted by carlotta on Thursday January 10th, 2013 at 7:01pm

Glynde Place is just about finished. I’ve probably got one or two more shoots there. I have to admit I am feeling a bit sad about it. It has been a unique experience for me, watching the process from start to finish. It is hard to imagine, now that the floors are solid and the walls are beautifully painted, that just a short time ago I was having to wear a hard hat and dodge great big holes in the floorboards so as not to fall through to the rooms below. Now I have to somehow edit down 1900 photos taken over an 18 month period. No small task. Luckily, I have been pretty organised about catagorising my photos and I use Lightroom, which makes the job a lot easier.

Glynde 12.12.18-59

Glynde 12.12.18-69

Glynde 12.12.18-34

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