UTC@Harbourside mystery car

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday September 24th, 2014 at 10:55am

On my previous visit to the UTC@Harbourside site, the site manager told me about a mysterious wooden car stored out of view and helped me get a photograph of it. It was in a drying loft that I could not get access to. I stood on a chair, reached my arms up over my head to get the camera into a small gap in the woodwork and took the photo. Over the summer, I worried the car would be destroyed before we could find out something about who made it and why. An email sent to the project partners made sure it was moved to temporary safety at the side of the site.

Since I had photographed the car without actually seeing it I was surprised by how small it was. It is made almost entirely of plywood, with authentic-looking detailing marked out with red and black sticky tape. The hub caps are made of paint tin lids and the windscreen is a sheet of once clear plastic, now opaque with age. The years of rain and snow have done their damage and it is falling apart. But now that I have a photographic record of this lovely little car, we can carry on trying to get the background story. The search is on.

Apart from the excitement over the car, I was amazed to see the railway sheds almost gone. I am so glad I got inside them to document the space and the light before they were pulled down. I noticed a detail I had missed last time round: the good luck horse shoe hanging above the yellow danger sign on the green door.

More photos from this shoot can be seen here.






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