UTC@harbourside, 2 months on

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday July 8th, 2015 at 12:27pm

I have been away from the UTC@harbourside site for the past two months due to an injury. It was impressive to see how much has changed during this time. The Carpenter’s Workshop is completed enough to get a real sense of how the building will feel when finished. Light pours in from skylights onto the angular open spaces and made me think of the first time I photographed here. It was so dark I had to use a tripod for three-minute-long exposures.

Once again, light was my friend on this visit: reflective surfaces, sharp shadows, soft side lighting. This building generously gives me all of it.

All the photographs from this shoot can be found here.

UTC@harbourside UTC@harbourside
UTC@harbourside UTC@harbourside UTC@harbourside


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