UTC@harbourside snow and mushrooms?

Posted by carlotta on Tuesday February 10th, 2015 at 12:55pm

My latest visit to the UTC@harbourside was bitter cold and sparklingly bright. There was a lot happening on site. Pylons were being drilled for the base of the new building that will link the carpenters’ and marine workshops together. I watched, fascinated by how huge drills dug holes deep into the ground which were then filled with concrete as the earth was extracted.

The smaller carpenters’ shed was starting to look very different. A concrete floor was down now, hiding all the supports that were put in underneath. The inside walls were lined with a double row of low iron stakes. These will hold in place panels serving the dual purpose of insulation and flood defence.

Inside the marine workshops building, there were what looked to me like florescent green and orange mushrooms bursting out of the ground. In fact, they were plastic tops stuck as a safety measure onto the metal spikes protruding from the underground pylons.

And the footprints are not in snow. They are across the enormous concrete base that has been built for the imminent arrival of the crane.

More photographs from this shoot can be found here. More information about this project can be found here.

UTC@harbourside NewhavenUTC@harbourside NewhavenUTC@harbourside NewhavenUTC@harbourside NewhavenUTC@harbourside NewhavenUTC@harbourside Newhaven








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