Battle of Lewes preparations, bit by bit

Posted by carlotta on Thursday April 3rd, 2014 at 2:04pm

The only way to move several dozen wicker hurdles and heavy branches from a paved path over several irrigation ditches onto a soaked marshland is by hand. And the quickest way to do that is by teamwork. The group of students who showed up to do the heavy lifting were very good at teamwork and seemed to find it all pretty funny. I questioned them on the source of their motivation. Apart from simply enjoying the process, I found out that there was an added sweetener. All those who put in with building the village get first dibs at the premier accommodation during the 3 nights of camping. This means they get to sleep in the great house. I really hope the ground dries out over the next 6 weeks because a muddy floor in the great house will not be any drier than a muddy floor in the nearby hovels. But I am guessing it isn’t really about the accommodation and is more about how exciting it is to be part of the process, which I totally understand.┬áMore information on this project can be found here. A gallery of photographs from this shoot can be found here.

Battle of Lewes preparationsBattle of Lewes preparations Battle of Lewes preparations Battle of Lewes preparations Battle of Lewes preparations Battle of Lewes preparations

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