Do you know what gig rowing is?

This week’s photo is a small glimpse into the world of gig rowing, a sport I have only recently discovered. Pilot gigs originated in Cornwall in the 18th century as shore-based lifeboats. Manned by six rowers and a coxswain, they are rowed and raced along the British coast and further afield, with the number of clubs totaling less than 100 worldwide. The new Lewes gig club is now a member of this small group.

I joined only a few weeks ago but am already a devotee. We row on a small local lake, but also on the tidal River Ouse that flows through Lewes and on the open sea. A noticeable element of the club is the strong sense of working together, both on the water and on shore. A gig can’t move forward unless the crew arecompletely in sync. This sense of teamwork is mirrored in the camaraderie and dedication of the members. You can find more photos here to see what gig rowing is all about.

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