photo of the week: 2017 harvest at Breaky Bottom

Posted by carlotta on Thursday October 19th, 2017 at 7:10pm

Photo of the week: Several years ago I worked on a project photographing local food producers around the South Downs area. I really enjoyed the subject matter and was pleased to return to it last weekend when I went to Breaky Bottom Winery to help with the final harvest of the season.

You couldn’t find a more idyllic setting for a vineyard, nestled into a small valley (or ‘bottom’) in the middle of the South Downs, just a few miles from Lewes. In contrast to the pastoral rolling hills, and sheep wandering amongst the grape vines, the ancient barn is fitted out with large metal containers. I always love the chance to photograph people working with shiny industrial equipment. This is Peter Hall, the owner, cleaning the inside of the pressing machine before the last grapes of the 2017 harvest are placed inside. The rest of the photographs from this shoot can be found here

Breaky Bottom Winery owner Peter Hall cleaning out the pressing machine for the final grape harvest of 2017

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