snow above Oslo

Posted by carlotta on Monday February 10th, 2014 at 3:07pm

I have just come back from three days in Oslo, Norway. Dark wet weather hung over the city, much to our disappointment – it was far too reminiscent of what we had just left behind in England. On our second day, a 30 minute tram ride deposited us into a magical landscape above Oslo. I was stunned by the wildness and beauty of the surroundings, so different from the ordered elegance of the city we had just left. We arrived above the thick blanket of fog that covered the fjord below. Within half an hour, that fog had overtaken us and the landscape had changed utterly, from a sparkling white mountainside into a mysterious and eerie one. From within this disorienting world we came upon a stream of exhausted skiers appearing out of the mist, tackling the final kilometre of a 55 km race.



Oslo-14.02.6-9-70Oslo-14.02.6-9-87Oslo-14.02.6-9-80 Oslo-14.02.6-9-99


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