David at the Smoke House

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday May 1st, 2013 at 8:00am

The monthly portrait for the Lewes Friday Market booklet seems to come around very quickly each time. I had to produce a portrait of David of the Smoke House in Lewes and had only a morning to do it between his return from holiday and my needing to get the photo to the designer. It was a beautiful sunny day out in the countryside which, although lovely, made for hard bright sunlight and deep shadows – a tricky light to photograph in. I was worried how this was going to work. David was filleting fish when I arrived but the shot I really wanted was him surrounded by smoke. He kindly obliged. Although the sunlight outside was still harsh and bright, the smoke helped lighten the shadows and added a sense of drama. We were slowly enveloped until I was coughing and had to leave off photographing. I imagined that maybe David has got used to all that smoke by now but he said no, you never do. I drove home surrounded by a smell reminiscent of bonfires coming from my clothes and the smoked garlic David gave me to take home. The rest of the shoot can be found here.


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