day 1 of the Gentlemen of the Road Lewes Stopover

Posted by carlotta on Saturday July 20th, 2013 at 2:57pm

Ok, here they are. My photos from the first night of our wonderful Lewes Stopover festival. In order of appearance, the bands here are White Denim, British Sea Power and Vampire Weekend. Enjoy. I certainly did!


GOTR-2-13.07.19-154 GOTR-2-13.07.19-178 GOTR-2-13.07.19-198 GOTR-2-13.07.19-216 GOTR-2-13.07.19-229 GOTR-2-13.07.19-273GOTR-2-13.07.19-293 GOTR-2-13.07.19-303 GOTR-2-13.07.19-308GOTR-2-13.07.19-311 GOTR-2-13.07.19-314 GOTR-2-13.07.19-367

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