larking with the Mumford & Sons lads in Lewes

Posted by carlotta on Friday July 12th, 2013 at 8:06am

I had the pleasure of photographing the four┬álovely┬ámembers of Mumford and Sons when they visited Lewes last week. This was a PR shot prior to their gig here as part of the Gentlemen of the Road tour. We had a set-up shot at our local brewery, where a new banner had been made substituting ‘Harvey and Son’ with ‘Mumford and Sons’. The lads were helping to mix a special brew for the festival. We then made our way up to the beautiful Lewes House, now housing the Lewes District Council offices but originally home to the infamous Edward Warren (famed for, among other things, the commissioning Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’). The beautiful gardens at the back became the setting for more photographs, especially a secluded, secret grotto deep in the woods at the end of the garden. These are the three photos from the shoot that are allowed to be released.


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