monks reappear at the Priory Ruins

Posted by carlotta on Thursday June 6th, 2013 at 11:48am

I was contacted by the local playwright and actor John Burrows, who needed promotional shots for his Fringe production ‘Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang’. Billed as a bitter-sweet comedy about the dissolution of the monasteries, it seemed appropriate to do the shoot in the nearby Priory Ruins, which were blown up thanks to Thomas Cromwell. I met John and his fellow actor, David Brett, on a beautiful summer evening where the peace of the surroundings made it hard to imagine the bustling, thriving place it must have been nearly 500 years ago. My aim was to make the most of the ruins as a setting, as well as get close-ups of the two actors’ expressive faces. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, what with the glowing evening light, the massive stone ruins and my lovely, funny models. A gallery of these photos can be found here.



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