here we go – Mumford and Sons live in Lewes

Posted by carlotta on Saturday July 27th, 2013 at 1:57am

Ok, here they finally are – the rest of my live shots of Mumford and Sons at the Gentlemen of the Road Lewes Stopover. It was an unforgettable experience to be in ‘the pit’ during the Mumfords’ set. Their intensity and enthusiasm drove the crowds wild behind me while I battled to photograph in the constantly changing conditions of the dramatic light show. Not only that, I had to hold myself back from singing along and dancing to the music while I was shooting. I don’t think I was very successful on that last point. Their music and their performance were too contagious. Does anyone know the significance of the Indian chief who was sharing the stage with them? More photos here and here.



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2 comments on “here we go – Mumford and Sons live in Lewes

  • janice says:

    I may not be correct but I believe it was a gift from the tribe in Arizona or New Mexico where they performed earlier in the year in the states. Ask Mumfordsonsblogger she know all.

  • carlotta says:

    That is interesting. I will ask Mumfordsonsblogger. She does indeed seem to know all.

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