the nitty gritty of local food production

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday January 29th, 2014 at 12:05pm

Over the past year I have been taking portraits of the stall holders at our local food market. The photographs were printed in a series of monthly booklets highlighting the life of each producer and what food they sell, along with seasonal recipes. It has been an interesting project, tracking each person down and trying to capture the atmosphere of their work environment.

The portraits had to be in black and white for the booklet, often giving an old-fashioned feel to the final pictures, although this was not my intention. The hands-on, relatively low tech approach many of these producers have to their work could be seen as old-fashioned but I doubt they would view it as such. Their commitment to producing high quality delicious food in the best way they can is more about working towards a sustainable future than it is harking back to the past.

All 12 portraits can be seen here. These photographs are part of my local food project.

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