Phoenix Project, day 13

Posted by carlotta on Monday August 19th, 2013 at 11:19am

Here is the next instalment of my daily post about the Phoenix Project, a photo documentary about the former industrial site in the heart of Lewes that is now home to well over a dozen vibrant arts and community groups. An exhibit and art trail of the project opens in just five days.

Life sculpture class

There was a sculpture summer school going on in the vast open space of the Foundry Gallery for years. When I arrive, the walls are covered in quick sketches done over the previous two days, while the dozen or so students work intensely on their clay sculptures of the model sitting in the middle of the room. This old industrial building seems to fit the purpose perfectly. One wall is made up of glass doors which are covered with white cloth, letting in soft, indirect light. The lofty ceilings and old brick walls give plenty of space for drawings and the little miniature clay models that have been left to dry on the floor. More photographs of the Foundry Gallery can be found here.

Phoenix-13.06.27-102Phoenix-13.06.27-95 Phoenix-13.06.27-91

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