Phoenix Project, day 3

Posted by carlotta on Monday August 5th, 2013 at 11:48am

Here is the next instalment of my daily post about the Phoenix Project, a photo documentary about the former industrial site in the heart of Lewes that is now home to over a dozen vibrant arts and community groups. An exhibit and art trail of the project opens in a little under three weeks.

Cafe des Artistes

I just returned from an interesting visit to Cafe des Artistes. Katey, one of the owners, showed me around the maze-like, intriguing spaces where there are with bits of art everywhere: collages, sculptures, paintings, stage sets (and what look like stage sets but probably aren’t). I even found an old-fashioned rocking horse stuffed away between packing cases. Some of the spaces were light and airy and some dark and cavernous. And of course, there was the cafe, though currently void of customers. I can imagine it must get pretty cold here in the winter but I was lucky it was a fairly warm Spring day. I can’t wait to come back and photograph when it is full of people and activities. Gallery of photos here.

Phoenix-13.04.26-1 Phoenix-13.04.26-16 Phoenix-13.04.26-27 Phoenix-13.04.26-33 Phoenix-13.04.26-40

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