Phoenix Project, day 8

Posted by carlotta on Monday August 12th, 2013 at 11:58am

Here is the next instalment of my daily post about the Phoenix Project, a photo documentary about the former industrial site in the heart of Lewes that is now home to well over a dozen vibrant arts and community groups. An exhibit and art trail of the project opens in a week and a half.

Flying dance students

I was invited to photograph the Dance Academy on a Friday afternoon because Wendy, the director, said that there was a lot going on then. She was right. This dance school is carved out of two sides of a corner building opposite a car body repair shop. If you didn’t know it was there you could easily miss it. In the larger studio, a street dance class was going on, with young children enthusiastically practicing their moves. Around the other end of the building was the smaller studio. A serious ballet class for older girls was in progress here, a place of concentration, precision and control.

I was packing up to leave when suddenly the girls from the ballet class were running, leaping and dancing at high speed around the perimeter of the larger studio. This change of atmosphere was extraordinary in it’s completeness. The dancers were moving at such speed and jumping so high that it was very hard to photograph. I did the best I could to capture the skill, energy and exuberance of their dancing. The rest of the shoot can be seen here.


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