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Posted by carlotta on Monday June 16th, 2014 at 9:04pm

Last weekend we held a large party and friends came from far and wide to join us. I was struggling to figure out how to photograph the event but relax and enjoy it at the same time. I couldn’t just let the day slip away with no photos to remember it by.

Then I had an idea – I would let the guests photograph themselves. I set up a little photo booth in an out of the way corner. I put my old camera and flash on a tripod and attached a cable so that photos could be taken remotely. The theme of the day was 70s, so I used some 70s fabric for a backdrop, supplied a basket full of props and left everyone to it. 

When I looked through the photos the results were so much more interesting then I had expected. I had hoped for a record of the event and what I had instead were some brilliant, funny, intimate self-portraits. The privacy of the photo booth seemed to encourage a freedom of expression: silliness, friendship, intimacy (there were a surprising number of photos of couples kissing…). I had the full gambit here, from all age groups.  And I love that in almost every one you can see the process of picture-taking: the arm reaching forward to the camera. Best of all, sometimes the cable can be seen snaking towards to the camera from the remote control.

More photos from this shoot can be seen here. If you would like help setting up a photo booth for your event, please get in touch with me.




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