photo of the week: Lewes Bonfire!

Posted by carlotta on Thursday November 5th, 2015 at 11:18am

I had to choose a photo of Lewes Bonfire, of course, which is tonight. This is also why my newsletter is going out today and not on Friday as it usually does. It is difficult to explain Lewes Bonfire celebrations to those who have not experienced them – I have tried many times. I hope my photos convey to some degree how it looks, although they lack the sounds and the smells of the experience.

I have chosen this photograph for a few reasons. I like the ghostly quality of it (the reality is that the setting was anything but etherial as there were explosions going off everywhere). I love the rich red colour, too. It also serves as a lesson to me. Last year, when I was editing my bonfire photos, I passed right over it because I didn’t see what I now see in it. Right in the centre is an illuminated shape of a cross that looks like a reflection of the burning cross next to it, but it can’t be. It interests me because I don’t know what trick of light and shadow have created it. More photographs of Bonfire can be found here.

(I feel the need to reassure those Americans who are seeing this that the burning crosses represent Protestant Martyrs from the late 16th Century and have absolutely no association with the KKK.)


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