the Vaccines rockin’ the Lewes Stopover stage

Posted by carlotta on Thursday July 25th, 2013 at 3:44pm

The next band on the stage of the Gentlemen of the Road Lewes Stopover were the Vaccines and this is when things really got going. With the band’s hard, rocking music and their electrifying stage performance, the crowds beyond the barriers started to go wild. Suddenly the smiley, easy going security guards were not so relaxed as the numbers of crowd surfers increased. As they ran back and forth, keeping control of the fans, we photographers had even less space in ‘the pit’ to use. Keeping my eyes glued to my view finder, trying to photograph the musicians jumping around the stage, I found myself bumping into cameramen, other photographers, security guards and over-exuberant fans. Once again, I reeled out of the pit, adrenaline coursing through my veins, slightly relieved that we were only allowed to shoot the first three songs.


GOTR-13.07.20-659 GOTR-13.07.20-649GOTR-13.07.20-595GOTR-13.07.20-628 GOTR-13.07.20-639GOTR-13.07.20-688

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