White Ribbon campaign arrives at Seaford Rugby Club

Posted by carlotta on Sunday December 1st, 2013 at 5:54pm

I was asked to photograph a White Ribbon Campaign day for the Lewes District Council which aimed to raise awareness of the issue of domestic abuse against women. The event was a rugby match between Seaford and Eastbourne men’s senior teams with the Seaford side sporting smart new White Ribbon uniforms given to them by the council. The setting was a glorious winter afternoon with slanting golden light. The additional entertainment came from a wonderfully colourful drumming band called Chameleonic. One of the organisers told me that the Lewes District Council have been hugely supportive of the White Ribbon campaign, and a rugby match seems an innovative way to spread the word about the prevalence and destructiveness of domestic abuse.

The light was a blessing for me, once again, giving a golden glow and dramatic side lighting to the match. I was fascinated by the physicality of the game and the obvious strength needed to play it. I tried as best I could to capture the drama unfolding in front of me even though I know very little about the rules of rugby.

More photos from this shoot can be found here. Seaford Rugby Club members please email me directly if you are interested in seeing additional photographs of your match.

LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-353 LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-212LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-115LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-296LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-155LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-223LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-340LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-302LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-290LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-462LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-493LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-385LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-512LDC-White-Ribbon-13.11.30-10

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