photos of the week: Brighton Pier

Posted by carlotta on Friday June 3rd, 2016 at 7:10am

Sometimes there is a clear and obvious choice of which photo I choose for my photo of the week. This time I have struggled with my decision, though I knew it would come from a recent shoot on Brighton Pier. It was a warm weekend evening and the pier was filled with happy tourists. I enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere – kitschy signs, colourful rides, architecture, lights, and expansive views across the sea and to the burnt out remains of the West Pier.

I particularly loved photographing the visitors. Their Brighton Pier experiences ranged from endearing goofiness to tender romance, with some people just up for all-out fun. And thus my quandary. Which of these photographs sums up Brighton Pier when really it is a combination of all of these, and more, thrown in? So as a photo of the week first, I am posting three different photos, quirky and romantic and fun. You can find all the photos from this shoot here.

Brighton-Pier-daytrippers spell out LOVE with their hands on the pier Brighton-Pier-tourists turned upside down on colourful funfair ride Brighton-Pier-romance on the pier as the sun sets with the remains of the West Pier in the distance

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