laundrette (laundromat), Florida Keys style

Posted by carlotta on Tuesday February 24th, 2015 at 6:07pm

I was on a road trip through the Florida Keys with my daughter and my mother. After almost a week, we were in need of some clean clothes. We were directed to a laundrette off the Overseas Highway, otherwise known as Route 1, the main drag North to South through the Keys. I loved this laundrette. If you have to spend time waiting around for your clothes to get washed, you might as well be entertained by your surroundings. Dramatic sunsets over turquoise waters and surreal montages decorated the walls. A line of laundry was strung between two palm trees sitting above the row of driers. And check out the coconut telegraph booth for a mere 25¢. But what really got me was that the glass door of every one of the dryers was etched with a different local scene. Someone had put heart and soul into this place. More photographs from this trip can be found here.







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