a sea of wild garlic

Posted by carlotta on Thursday March 14th, 2013 at 4:05pm

I went foraging yesterday with Jane Fairman to take her portrait for the Market Year project. We tramped through muddy fields and even muddier, slippery hillsides to get to a magically secluded old railway bed. Part of the former Lewes to Uckfield line, the re-enstatement of this route is still being debated. For now, it remains a quiet valley filled with a tree-lined stream and, in spring, large swathes of wild garlic. For those who have not had the opportunity to try this wild herb, it is a pungent, spicy, garlicky plant full of nutrients. It grows abundantly around here and can be foraged first for its leaves and then later in spring, for its blossom. Jane’s daughter had accompanied us and was helping her mother in between climbing trees and jumping across the stream. The whole valley smelled softly of garlic as the weather around us turned from snow to sun. It was an idyllic afternoon and we had wild garlic pesto for dinner.

Jane-Fairman-13.03.13-54 Jane-Fairman-13.03.13-80-2 Jane-Fairman-13.03.13-100Jane-Fairman-13.03.13-96

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