traditional air-cured meat

Posted by carlotta on Wednesday July 10th, 2013 at 8:33am

Before visiting Dave and Vicky Radke, I had never really thought about how salami and chorizo are made. They run Starnash Artisan Foods, which is based on a farm where the cellar of the ancient farmhouse has the ideal conditions for air-curing meat. I suppose the farmers of old hung their meat to cure just as Dave and Vicky do now. They start from scratch, raising their own pigs, so everything is sourced from within their own back yard. Some of their sausages they smoke before curing, which was fun to photograph as shafts of sunlight shot through the smoke that filled the little shed – until the smoke began to sting my eyes. For some reason, the final shots here remind me of Dorothy before she leaves Kansas for Oz. More local food producers here.


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