About me

Any PR guru will tell you the key to successful marketing is having high-quality images. My photographs of architecture and people are created with an artist’s eye for the built world and a professional sensibility attuned to the striving and thriving people within that world’s dynamic environments. My images are made with a dedication to the highest standards of photographic quality and creative representation. They capture the essence of history and activity withpictures that are elegant, sometimes edgy, often humorous, always thought provoking.

Good pictures can create a visual narrative that compellingly tells the story of what you do. For public or private building projects, my progress shots provide a record of the exciting changes your work brings. For workplaces, events and working portraits, my photographs highlight the joy, beauty, and integrity of each occasion.

I have a lifelong interest in place, both public and private, and how people and objects inhabit their settings. As early as my teen years, I used photography to explore the relationship between people and their environments, and the connection of buildings to personal history.

In all of my photographs, whether of construction sites, small artisan cooperatives, schools, or events, I look to frame aesthetics within a decidedly human context, thereby creating a story in each frame.

What I can do for you

Architectural documentary

New build construction

Residential and interiors

People, events and work place photography

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