About me

My work has been guided by my lifelong interest in place and how people and objects inhabit their settings. Having had three culturally distinct homes – New England, Northern California and East Sussex – I find constant inspiration in the differences between their light, landscape, architecture and ways of life. In all my photographs, whether of construction sites, small artisan cooperatives, schools or events, I look to frame aesthetics within a decidedly human context, creating a story in each frame.

I hail from New England, USA – the world of Edward Hopper landscapes. My earliest and most enduring influences were the photographers Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange, particularly their work for the Depression-era FSA project.

As early as my teen years, I used photography to explore the relationship between people and their environments, and the connection of buildings to personal history.

In my undergraduate years, I studied Fine Arts, which helped me develop my artistic vision and an awareness of historical and cultural contexts. After moving to the UK, exactly half a lifetime ago, I obtained a Master’s degree in Urban Design. This gave me an enhanced understanding of how people use public spaces and how those spaces make people feel.

For many years, I worked as a graphic designer, learning how to frame a shot for interest, composition, and drama — for both websites and print.

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