My work has been guided by my lifelong interest in place and how people and objects inhabit their settings. Having had three culturally distinct homes – New England, Northern California and East Sussex – I find constant inspiration in the differences between their light, landscape, architecture and ways of life.

I grew up in Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My childhood included a stint in school in Paris and annual visits to my grandmother in Portugal. I discovered photography in my teens and immediately fell in love with the medium. My high school years were spent working in the dark room. I used photography to explore the relationship between people and their environments, and the connection of buildings to personal history.

I hold an honours degree in Fine Arts from Wesleyan University. After university I spent three years in San Francisco where I created huge graphite drawings of the soft rolling hills of the surrounding countryside. I travelled in Central America as a photojournalist before returning to Cape Cod where I lived in Provincetown working for the local paper as a graphic designer.

In 1990 I moved to the UK, settling first in London before moving to Lewes, East Sussex. I now divide my time between Lewes and Truro, Massachusetts. After 10 years working as an art director in a publishing house, I obtained a master’s degree in urban design. This gave me an enhanced understanding of how people use public spaces and how those spaces make people feel. I set up my own photography company in 2010. I specialize in environmental portraiture, architectural work and documenting the restoration of heritage buildings.

I discovered cyanotype during the first covid lockdown and it was another instant love affair. Taking advantage of having to temporarily suspend my professional work, I did a deep dive into this technique, new to me but one of the earliest darkroom methods. Since 2020, cyanotype has become for me the perfect artistic medium, enabling me to connect my first love, hand printing, with my digital photography.

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