sea|shore hand-bound cyanotype book

There is a liminal space that lies between sea and shore, a restless place that is neither one nor the other. Seaweed is soaked. Sand and rock become sea. The receding tide leaves its echo on the beach. Even the swell of dunes mirrors the surge of waves.

sea|shore is a collection of sea and shoreline landscapes, with poetry written for this project by poet Sara London. The images are hand-printed cyanotypes derived from digital photographs.

An online sample of the book can be viewed here.

Collection of 29 cyanotypes and two poems in a signed and numbered limited edition, 17 x 22cm portrait format, printed on uncoated Accent stock, hand bound as two signatures into an accordion fold soft cover.

The book has arrived and truly is a thing of beauty. It is wonderful beyond words – quite breathtaking in its originality. The poems marry so well with the cyanotype photographs.

sea|shore book 

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OMG, Carlotta! Your book arrived earlier this week and it is freakin’ gorgeous. I LOVE it. I love the idea of the shore as a liminal space. And these photographs have a kind of ehtereal tension that’s both deeply meditative and uncanny. I love, love, love this book.”

The book is truly stunning! It’s a beautiful ‘object’ to hold and every page delivers striking textures and freshly revealed details. The paper texture and weight, the folds, the flaps, the creased and sewn binding — it’s just wonderful. The whole thing feels so organic and satisfying.”

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