Residential architecture and interior design

“The photograph may seem to be of the light slanting in through a window or the needlework pillow on a chair, but in each shot, you feel the presence of the person behind the object—the worker who built the window, the hand that stitched the pillow. It is this interplay of seen and unseen, of object and human, that makes Carlotta’s photos of interiors so compelling.” – Rachel Lefkowitz

Conveying the intention of an architect or designer within a photograph takes detailed knowledge and skill. In the right hands, innovations and design features can shine, but only if there is an understanding of light, space, and composition.

I photograph new residential architecture and interior design projects, and I capture beautiful, old, lived-in homes. I can do both for you, either to promote your professional design or to create an intimate portrait of your dwelling.

modern house extension
Southover Grange, Lewes
Renovated terraced house
New England farmhouse
Village house in the Algarve, Portugal
Cape Cod retreat

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