New build construction

Any PR guru will tell you the key to successful marketing is having high-quality images. My photographs beautifully document your new build construction for project stakeholders and investors. At the same time, I show the skill, craft, and graft necessary to be successful in the building trades. I do this by photographing both the construction progress and the expert work of the skilled construction workers involved. For completed projects, I look for shots that frame the architecture and design through careful yet authentic composition. 

I capture the essences of buildings through the ways that light describes the spaces within them.

“Carlotta Luke captures beauty and emotion with every shot. Having worked alongside Carlotta during the Stephen Lawrence 25th Anniversary year project, I quickly got to understand how she views a space differently and manages to skillfully capture the atmosphere perfectly. I would strongly recommended Carlotta as a professional photographer.” – Neil Onions, Development Manager, Architecture Programme, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Arndale Centre, Eastbourne
The Grain Store, Lewes
Elekta Cornerstone, Crawley
Depot Cinema. Lewes
Elekta Cornerstone, Crawley
Depot Cinema, Lewes

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