“For Carlotta Luke, rapture, humour, and haunting mystery lurk in both wild and cultivated landscapes. With or without humans in them, her compositions pulse with emotion and subtly magnetic intimacy.” Sara London, poet

Growing up on the New England coast has made me particularly attuned to that changeable space where land meets sea, with the endless shifts of light that a coastline can produce.

When I photograph towns, landscapes, and the sea, my aim is to capture an essential sense of place. My landscape photography focuses mainly on the South Downs of East Sussex and my native Cape Cod, where I am drawn to patterns and shapes created by changing qualities of sunlight.

In addition to my strong sense of place, I have an MA in Urban Design; my studies have given me a heightened awareness of the ways in which our urban centres affect those of us who live in and use them.

Palace Pier, Brighton
New york city

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