Cyanotype is one of the earliest darkroom printing techniques. It was invented in the 1840s as a method to reproduce drawings. The cyan-blue colour of the print gave its name to those copies, or blueprints.

For this series, I print the original digital file onto clear acetate to create a negative the size of the final print I plan to make. I paint cyanotype solution onto watercolour paper and make a contact print by placing the negative directly onto the paper and exposing it to a uv light source.

The beauty of cyanotype is in the slight variation of each print. Digital photographs can be reproduced, but each hand-printed cyanotype image is unique.

Hand-made prints can be ordered of all the cyanotypes on my website. A new hand-bound book of sea and shoreline landscapes is now available. A book of the Bonfire cyanotypes is available as well. I also have two series of greeting cards, one of sea landscapes and one of local architectural landmarks in Brighton and Lewes. More information about all my prints, books and cards can be found here.

anchor cemetery, Portugal
hand-printed cyanotype Lewes Bonfire celebrations
Lewes Bonfire celebrations
Winter storm, Newhaven,East Sussex
Ashcombe Windmill, Lewes
hand-printed cyanotype Lewes Bonfire celebrations
Lewes Bonfire celebrations
West Pier, Brighton

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