Golden hour at the Grain Store

This week’s photograph comes from a renovation I am documenting on the outskirts of Lewes. A former agricultural building, the Grain Store is in the process of becoming a luxury holiday home nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park.

The Grain Store’s roof is a large one and took a long time to complete, giving me the opportunity to capture the roofers at work during two of my monthly site visits. This shot was taken in November and I was rushing to grasp the last of the beautiful evening light before the sun set behind the ridge of the Downs.

This was a challenge because the sun was so low and bright that it was blinding me and my camera lens and putting everything into dark silhouette. I particularly like how that golden light source throws the builder’s long shadow across the roof and delineates the texture and shape of each individual slate tile.

There was something very appealing to me about photographing this stage of the building process so I have quite a few roofing shots in my Grain Store gallery. Take a look and see if you think I chose the right one for my photo of the week. They are all here along with photographs of the entire project so far.

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