The scaffolding birdcage

My photo of the week of a scaffolding birdcage, is an update on the Depot cinema construction site. There is great anticipation in Lewes about this building. For years it was empty and unused once it had become obsolete as a depot for Harvey’s Brewery. Now it is in the throws of transforming into a community cinema. No wonder people are excited about it. I have been hired by the cinema to document the process of the building works. They use my photographs to keep local residents informed and to broadcast the progress being made.

On my latest visit this intricate scaffolding structure, called a birdcage, was being taken down. It was being put up during my last visit a month ago to provide wide areas of continuous access at roof level. I was fascinated with the repeating shapes and angles the birdcage made, which were then reflected in the puddles of water on the floor. At this point in the build everything changes so quickly that it will look very different by the next time I visit with my camera.

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