Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre stairway

Today’s photograph was taken in the stairway of the Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre building in London. I have chosen it for this week’s photo for two of reasons. Firstly, beautiful new designs were revealed yesterday by Gensler Architects for the internal changes to the building that will transform the centre into a co-working hub for up-and-coming architects. An event to be thoroughly celebrated. Secondly, I chose it for

the rich colours of the walls, the dramatic lighting and angles, the sun glancing in onto the yellow paint, and the window that frames the park like a picture where you might just be able to see a woman walking her pram by a bright red bench. Over the next few months I will be documenting the implementation of the new design changes to the Centre and will be sure to share them with you here. You can find more information about the important work of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust here.

BREAKING NEWS: I am very pleased to announce that my photograph of the Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre came second place in its category at the Event Photography Awards 2019. You can read more about it here.


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