Boot prints and yellow cord

I visited The Depot last Tuesday, a day that turned out to be blisteringly hot. I had to wear my full personal protection equipment, of course (high vis jacket, helmet, boots, jeans), which did nothing to help relieve the intense heat. In an effort to get out of the sun, I made my way to the main building to find a glorious shiny black surface extending across the entire floor in front of me. I was confused at first, thinking it was all just very wet, until I realised this was a thick coating of a waterproof barrier called toughseal. It created a beautiful reflective surface to photograph and gave the interior space a radiant quality.

In one corner I was surprised to find these clear white boot prints across the clean black background. I loved the patterns they made with the tangled yellow electric cord layered across the top.

I am documenting the renovation of The Depot, a former industrial building in the centre of Lewes, as it becomes a new community cinema. My client uses these photographs to promote the project and keep local residents informed about the progress that is being made.

If you have a workplace, building project or event that you are thinking of photographing, please get in touch.

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