Lewes Bonfire celebrations

The 5th of November is almost upon us. This is the night our little town gets filled to bursting with 80,000 spectators who come to watch the extravaganza that is the Lewes Bonfire celebrations, the most famous Guy Fawkes event in the country. Along with the raucous procession of torch-carrying, costume-clad people setting off bangers and carrying effigies, there is a ceremony of quiet reflection. Early in the evening wreaths are laid at the two war memorials in town (one of them outside my house).

This solemn moment always takes me by surprise. People stand in complete silence as respect and homage is given to fallen soldiers. The prayers are finished with a quiet lighting of a giant poppy and a flaming reminder not to forget past sacrifices. These are held by young men around the same age as the soldiers who fought in the world wars. Last year the weather was abysmal. Although this meant that I battled with a soaking wet camera, the rain gave a beautiful sheen to the cobblestones and created a wall of smoke from the flames.

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Bonfire Night Guy Fawkes celebrations in Lewes, East Sussex

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