Saved by the bell

This week I was contacted about a shoot I did over 25 years ago. The UK Historic Building Preservation Trust wanted to use two of my photos in a proposal for the preservation of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in East London. The foundry had been in operation from 1570 to 2017 and made some of the most famous bells in the world during that time, including Big Ben, the Liberty Bell and the Bow Bells. It is very gratifying for me that my photos documenting this historic foundry are useful so many years later, and may even help to preserve it.

This shot shows a man tuning a large, upturned bell using a tuning fork and wooden mallet. I photographed this in 1991 on black and white film but it looks like it could have been shot any time within the last century. You can see more of my photographs of the foundry here. More of my photos of people at work can be found here.

If you have a workplace, project or event that you are thinking of having documented, please get in touch. Professional photographs are so useful to have now and you never know how important they might be in years to come.

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