Sun Street in the sun

I have been busy looking through my archives to dig out photos of the area I live in for a big year-long project. It is lovely to look back at what is now years of work photographing the towns, landscapes, people and events in this wonderful part of the country.

This photo is one of the first that I took when I began to reclaim my love of photography and teach myself how to use a digital SLR camera. Sun Street in Lewes is where I photographed my first renovation project, which is around the time that I took this photo.

I don’t know why the street sign has been painted white while its edge has stayed black, but I like how you can read the letters because of the angle of the road’s namesake, which is also highlighting the edge of every single brick in the similarly painted white wall.

You can find more of my photographs of towns and cities here.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can work together. I deliver photographs that delve deeper than showing just the surface of things.

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