Season’s greetings!

I was looking through boxes of old photographs that I had not seen for many years, in preparation for a talk I was giving to the Brighton and Hove camera club. I came across this shot that I took in 1990, exactly 10 days after I moved to England.

This is a Boxing Day Hunt in the town of Dulverton in rural Somerset where I was staying. I knew very little about England when I moved here, had never heard of Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) or seen a hunt. Putting aside the thorny issue of the ethics of hunting, I wanted to share this photo for other reasons.

My camera was a way for me to interpret my new life in England. Thirty-one years later, I still remember being surprised by the pageantry and spectacle of the day. When I took this shot, I was looking at my new home through the eyes of a foreigner, still in travel mode. The overcast day and glistening wet road are familiar now as typical English December weather.

I enjoy the symmetry of the shot and the man placed between the two horses’ heads – a man who is nearly the same shape and size as those heads. Photographs of a summer fete in the same part of Somerset, six months later, can be found here, and my photographs of people and events are here.

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Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year ahead.


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