Red Fox visits the orchard

I have been digging further into my archives for various projects and look who popped up!

I was photographing the extensive and overgrown grounds of the Langney Priory when I ventured into the orchard to find this beautiful fox standing there staring at me. She continued to do so, unblinking and completely still, for several minutes. I was a bit unnerved so I didn’t go further into the orchard and instead went to photograph the walled garden. I returned 5 minutes later and there she was again, stock still, looking at me. 

She appeared so perfect and well, foxlike, that I had the strange feeling she was one of those hyper-realistic computer generated images you see in children’s films. Then suddenly, silently, she was gone and I didn’t see her again. The grounds around the Priory have now been cleared and I am hoping she still has her den somewhere safe in the undergrowth.

More of my photographs of the incredible Langney Priory can be found here and more landscape photographs (with occasional inhabitants) can be found here.

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