Red Fox visits the orchard

Red Fox visits the orchard

I have been digging further into my archives for various projects and look who popped up!

I was photographing the extensive and overgrown grounds of the Langney Priory when I ventured into the orchard to find this beautiful fox standing there staring at me. She continued to do so, unblinking and completely still, for several minutes. I was a bit unnerved so I didn’t go further into the orchard and instead went to photograph the walled garden. I returned 5 minutes later and there she was again, stock still, looking at me. 

She appeared so perfect and well, foxlike, that I had the strange feeling she was one of those hyper-realistic computer generated images you see in children’s films. Then suddenly, silently, she was gone and I didn’t see her again. The grounds around the Priory have now been cleared and I am hoping she still has her den somewhere safe in the undergrowth.

More of my photographs of the incredible Langney Priory can be found here and more landscape photographs (with occasional inhabitants) can be found here.

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice!

I give you a snowy Stonehenge (with a few sheep thrown in) to remind us that we have made it to the turning point when these dark, short days start to lengthen again and head us towards summer. Here in Lewes the sun rose today at 8 am and will set at 15.56. At just shy of 8 hours of daylight, that feels far too short.

On this day of change, I would like to wish you all a solstice full of light, and a peaceful, happy and fulfilling 2019. See you next year.

You can find more of my landscape photos here. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can work together.

Idyllic hut in a rural idyll

Idyllic hut in a rural idyll

I’ve been photographing an old grain store on the edge of Lewes as it becomes disabled-access accommodation, located right in the midst of the South Downs National Park. The South Downs Way, the footpath that spans the length of the Park for 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne, runs along the ridge in the background of this photo.

Next to the large agricultural building, a little dwelling has sprung up as well. I have been watching this shepherd’s hut take shape over the months and love the way it sits so prettily in its surroundings. On my most recent visit, the sun was low in the sky as evening approached, casting raking light across the site. This made it challenging to photograph but I was interested in the drama it created.

I had to align myself within the shadow of the hut and peer around it with my camera to catch the workmen. You can find more photographs of this lovely project here.

My talk went well at the Lewes History Group last week. I have another one coming up, this time at the Paddock Arts Studios (Paddock Lane, Lewes, BN7 1TW at 3pm). I will be speaking about my project documenting the transition of the old industrial Harvey’s Depot into a state-of-the-art cinema. If you are nearby on the 10th November, please join us.

If you have a building project, workplace or event that you are thinking of photographing, please get in touch.

For the summer solstice, I give you flowers

For the summer solstice, I give you flowers

I like using the ability of photography to show worlds that are often hidden from view. I do this when documenting building projects that are obscured from the public by hoardings, or when photographing work environments and private events.

In a completely different way, photography can record situations that we can’t physically see with our eyes. For example, recently I was visiting my friend’s allotment when she was watering her roses.

My camera was able to catch a moment of calm and stillness within the chaos of the water spray. I felt like it almost gave me a little peak into the secret lives of flowers.

If you would like me to capture with my camera worlds that are important to you, please get in touch. More of my landscape photographs can be found here.

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Toto, we’re not in Sussex

Toto, we’re not in Sussex

Last week my daughter and I were back in New England visiting family and friends. Coming from a snow-less Sussex, we had our fingers crossed for some of that cold white stuff that we missed so much. On our last morning we woke to this – the neighbourhood transformed overnight into a soft icy world lit by a bright winter sun.

I find it interesting to think about details that specify place. It is often only with distance that they are noticeable. This fence, the mailbox, the architecture and the quality of light, not to mention the snow – they are completely commonplace in Boston. It is only because I have been in the UK for half my life that they become symbolic of a place I lived years ago. More landscape photos can be found here.

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