In celebration of the winter solstice

Tomorrow is the turning point when the days finally start to lengthen and the night-times begin to get shorter. In our part of the world, on the south coast of England, the winter solstice has just shy of 8 hours between sunrise and sunset. When it is grey and wet, which it currently seems to be much of the time, this can feel even shorter.

At this pivotal time, when the northern hemisphere starts to head towards spring, I give you a beach at sunset, covered with a dusting of snow. I took this last week when my 36 hours on Cape Cod coincided with a most beautiful snow fall.

Towards the end of the day, the clouds cleared as the sun set into the bay, turning the snow pink. As we headed home from our walk, an enormous full moon rose up over the white hills in front of us. I felt so lucky to be a witness to the transition of this beautiful day turning into night. You can find more of my landscape photographs here.

Wishing you all a bright and positive Solstice, a Christmas spent with loved ones and healthy, happy and fulfilling New Year.

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