Newhaven Harbour in the storm

I went out on Sunday morning to attempt to photograph the storm waves battering the shoreline. Although it wasn’t raining, the sea spray was so strong that my camera lens was immediately too wet to take photographs. It was worth the trip anyway. The shore was crowded with people wanting to witness the power or the sea.

I tried again the next morning, with the sky clear and bright. I was rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of the sea that I have ever seen. The sun had just risen and was casting a low light across the water. The glow of it sparkled across the surface while throwing deep shadows behind the waves.

On one side of the breakwater, three surfers were catching the big rollers coming smoothly into shore. On the other side, the water was a turmoil of huge waves, bright white foam and spray blown by the blasting wind into delicate feathers. I sat on the beach for a long time, feeling elated. When I got home, I realised that my face was covered in salt from the sea spray.

I struggled to decide which photo of the storm to use today, so do take a look at the others here and let me know if you think I chose the right one. All my landscape photos can be found here as well.

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Storm Ciara battering Newhaven Breakwater

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